Saturday, 24 September 2011


After three day, I make a decision to write this blog again. I very unsatisfied with myself because it had been three days I not open any book to study except 'facebook'. I don't care about study, my future and what happen to me when the due for assignment is coming and the exam is so near with me?? Every day I go to my friend house, I will feel that I can't be like her. She is study hard, intelligent and not lazy like me. Why I can be like her?? When I want to change my life style, I don't know where I should start? I want person that can guide me and support me. But who? I had buy book, my room have a desk, chairs and facilities that enough for me to study. I the one person that don't know to thank what I have in my life. Please help me!!! That my heart sound now. Please comment my blog after you read it. Thank you.

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