Wednesday, 14 September 2011


 Today is the beginning  I write this blog in English language. I know it will be help my English writing. Before I start my story today, I want tell you that I have another blog but it is secret and was write in Malay language.Sorry. I have class today 10 o'clock I has enter the class but after a few minutes I go out with my friend because we want drop that subject. After that 3P class which start at 11 o'clock. Then, I has 5 hours for break before another class start and I have a sleep. For the first time in this third semester I goes to Proton City and the campus. It look very nice. I take time from my house to Proton City around 45 minutes. That make me feel happy because I can sit in the bus and have a rest. I went to class and I study back what I have study in form 4, form 5 and matriculation. The subject is Beginning Accounting. It hard to remember what we have left behind. I think that the end of my story today. I hope you will comment and so that I can improve my english. Thank you for read my blog. :)

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