Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Today is Wednesday

I go to class as usually and I have nothing to story but I want to thank to person that give me sit at bus because there is many boy sit behind the bus. So, there is place but beside boy. I know there is nothing wrong sit beside boys if there is no sit but I unusually sit beside them. Sorry to say this. But thank you to boys that give me sit. Thank you. When I was in primary school I always friend with boy but less with girl. We have so much fun together. Play, eat and study together. One day I have fall in love with someone when I was 10 years old. That was my first love. He none be my friend but fall in love with him through our eyes. He is new student in years fours. I don't fall in love with him .with first side but when our eyes see each other around 5 minutes. That the last time I like boys. Until I was in form one, I don't friend with boy because I think I have become more mature. I friend with them but some of them.So, I rarely friend with them until today. This is just story. Don't take seriously. I just want to full writing for my blog this time and I don't have any idea today. If you have read this blog, please leave your comment. Thank you.

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