Sunday, 25 September 2011

Happy and Confuse

Today in my hostel make some programs that healthy and happy. Firstly, we going to exercise. They play many song and a few new step I learn in that case. Not the same song went I was in semester one at this hostel. Furthermore, when we join activities we will get sticker. Kind of sticker that can use for get the hostel for the next semester. That the one of agenda we goes the activities beside full fill our time. We play get the candy from flour, broken the balloon and play the balloon and catch it by using 'kain pelekat'. When I tell you what I confuse it about somebody from my school. I think I had see him before this. He same class with me when I was in form two but he has a problem. So, he left the school. But when I think more deeply, he is not my friend when I was in form two. Then, why I should heavy my brain to think about him. Just ignore it. That was my past memories. So, I must take the step to front and not think what I had past by. Gone by gone. The End.
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