Sunday, 18 September 2011

My first Sunday at UPSI

There nothing great story can I tell you today. It just about what I feeling and do today. I wake up in the morning about 10 o'clock. The weather today is cloudy. I feeling great because today I don't to have to wash my clothes. I have finish all my washing at saturday. Then, about 11 o'clock I go buy some food with my friend. I was together with my friends for 3 semester at KHAR.  We match together because at first semester, they was my housemate, second semester they was my neighbour and third semester they house very near for me because when I open my door house just take a few step. So they must be bored because I always come to they house. Let's continue what happen when I go buy food. When I have a step after go out from lift, I can see some person that I have interview for the rexco in KHAR. I wish I don't meet him after this. The End.

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