Monday, 19 September 2011


I hate to story this but to give my heart free I will write it. Today my first class for my minor subject. My friend and I just want to change the one hour that make we rush to campus. But some of people in that class not satisfied with us. All student in that class just agree that if class can change from Proton City to campus. I feel sorry too because make other people in the class have a problem. I don't know what to do now. Feeling uneasy to study another subject because of this class. My heart broken and it's more bigger when the one of student in that class said, "Why you not arrange your table more systematic???because the time at the subject that we want had write in that web??". I know we have make people in that class trouble. But what choice we have????I don't get it. For the conclusion I make, you must receive what decision you had done. Just do it with your heart open. So, it will flow nicely. So, that my sad story. Don't forget to leave your comment after you read my blog (>_<) Thank you.

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  1. just be patient..everywhere we go, we'll find people who are not satisfied with us.