Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Sleepy and Tired

I think I know why I so sleepy today. Because I sleep late last night around 2 am. I can still go to class because I don't want get warning and 'love letter' from university. My class start at 3 pm and I must go to class by bus around 2 pm. Now bus will go around to pick student. So, it's along journey that you can imagine. Time to take from hostel to Proton City take 1/2 hours. I can waste my time and late come to class. The class start at 3pm and end about 4pm. After that I have a class at campus 4 pm to 6 pm. Time from Proton City to Campus is 1/2 hours. So, I tell my lecturer to take 15 minutes from his class to rush go campus. As I thought, I arrive at class around 4.15 pm. So, I'm late 15 minutes. What can I do???I can drop this class because it's important for my study. So, this activity will play until end semester. I take a bus at 6 pm from campus. When the bus arrive at the finish traffic lights. I saw someone. He ride bicycle and just go on at the road. I don't know where he want to go. But it's non of my business. So, just ignore him. THE END. Please leave the comment after you read this post. Thank you and a happy day.

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