Saturday, 17 September 2011


I don't have any word to say today. But I will give you some story that I had in my past memories. I have some friend and she is my special best friend. She name I can't tell you because this is my past secret. I know her for the first day I register in secondary school which have a hostel. We had a same dorm for three years in that school. We had many memories together. So many. I cannot forget her. She became prefect at form four but we call it 'BADAR'. She became so busy until I think that she had forget about me as she my best friend. But at form two she was sick. The name of disease is lung cancer. At form three, she become healthy and until she form 5, she body become slim like the people have a cancer disease. I know she was sick again. A feel so sad. Many people who don't know about she disease tell that she have heart disease. But she not life long. After five day SPM, she had died at hospital. Before she go home, she give me hug. I don't think that is my last hug because I tell her that she will healthy. I hope I will see her again and become more healthy. I have many memories with her. I sleep, eat, and always make her happy. But Allah love her. So I can stop what He had plan. Today and in future I will still feel sorry for her because when I was in form 5 she had invite me to sleep at her house when holiday. But I refuse. Sorry my friend because I not a good best friend. May Allah always bless you at 'there'. THE END'

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