Sunday, 25 September 2011

Happy and Confuse

Today in my hostel make some programs that healthy and happy. Firstly, we going to exercise. They play many song and a few new step I learn in that case. Not the same song went I was in semester one at this hostel. Furthermore, when we join activities we will get sticker. Kind of sticker that can use for get the hostel for the next semester. That the one of agenda we goes the activities beside full fill our time. We play get the candy from flour, broken the balloon and play the balloon and catch it by using 'kain pelekat'. When I tell you what I confuse it about somebody from my school. I think I had see him before this. He same class with me when I was in form two but he has a problem. So, he left the school. But when I think more deeply, he is not my friend when I was in form two. Then, why I should heavy my brain to think about him. Just ignore it. That was my past memories. So, I must take the step to front and not think what I had past by. Gone by gone. The End.
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Saturday, 24 September 2011


After three day, I make a decision to write this blog again. I very unsatisfied with myself because it had been three days I not open any book to study except 'facebook'. I don't care about study, my future and what happen to me when the due for assignment is coming and the exam is so near with me?? Every day I go to my friend house, I will feel that I can't be like her. She is study hard, intelligent and not lazy like me. Why I can be like her?? When I want to change my life style, I don't know where I should start? I want person that can guide me and support me. But who? I had buy book, my room have a desk, chairs and facilities that enough for me to study. I the one person that don't know to thank what I have in my life. Please help me!!! That my heart sound now. Please comment my blog after you read it. Thank you.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Today is Wednesday

I go to class as usually and I have nothing to story but I want to thank to person that give me sit at bus because there is many boy sit behind the bus. So, there is place but beside boy. I know there is nothing wrong sit beside boys if there is no sit but I unusually sit beside them. Sorry to say this. But thank you to boys that give me sit. Thank you. When I was in primary school I always friend with boy but less with girl. We have so much fun together. Play, eat and study together. One day I have fall in love with someone when I was 10 years old. That was my first love. He none be my friend but fall in love with him through our eyes. He is new student in years fours. I don't fall in love with him .with first side but when our eyes see each other around 5 minutes. That the last time I like boys. Until I was in form one, I don't friend with boy because I think I have become more mature. I friend with them but some of them.So, I rarely friend with them until today. This is just story. Don't take seriously. I just want to full writing for my blog this time and I don't have any idea today. If you have read this blog, please leave your comment. Thank you.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Sleepy and Tired

I think I know why I so sleepy today. Because I sleep late last night around 2 am. I can still go to class because I don't want get warning and 'love letter' from university. My class start at 3 pm and I must go to class by bus around 2 pm. Now bus will go around to pick student. So, it's along journey that you can imagine. Time to take from hostel to Proton City take 1/2 hours. I can waste my time and late come to class. The class start at 3pm and end about 4pm. After that I have a class at campus 4 pm to 6 pm. Time from Proton City to Campus is 1/2 hours. So, I tell my lecturer to take 15 minutes from his class to rush go campus. As I thought, I arrive at class around 4.15 pm. So, I'm late 15 minutes. What can I do???I can drop this class because it's important for my study. So, this activity will play until end semester. I take a bus at 6 pm from campus. When the bus arrive at the finish traffic lights. I saw someone. He ride bicycle and just go on at the road. I don't know where he want to go. But it's non of my business. So, just ignore him. THE END. Please leave the comment after you read this post. Thank you and a happy day.

Monday, 19 September 2011


I hate to story this but to give my heart free I will write it. Today my first class for my minor subject. My friend and I just want to change the one hour that make we rush to campus. But some of people in that class not satisfied with us. All student in that class just agree that if class can change from Proton City to campus. I feel sorry too because make other people in the class have a problem. I don't know what to do now. Feeling uneasy to study another subject because of this class. My heart broken and it's more bigger when the one of student in that class said, "Why you not arrange your table more systematic???because the time at the subject that we want had write in that web??". I know we have make people in that class trouble. But what choice we have????I don't get it. For the conclusion I make, you must receive what decision you had done. Just do it with your heart open. So, it will flow nicely. So, that my sad story. Don't forget to leave your comment after you read my blog (>_<) Thank you.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

My first Sunday at UPSI

There nothing great story can I tell you today. It just about what I feeling and do today. I wake up in the morning about 10 o'clock. The weather today is cloudy. I feeling great because today I don't to have to wash my clothes. I have finish all my washing at saturday. Then, about 11 o'clock I go buy some food with my friend. I was together with my friends for 3 semester at KHAR.  We match together because at first semester, they was my housemate, second semester they was my neighbour and third semester they house very near for me because when I open my door house just take a few step. So they must be bored because I always come to they house. Let's continue what happen when I go buy food. When I have a step after go out from lift, I can see some person that I have interview for the rexco in KHAR. I wish I don't meet him after this. The End.

Saturday, 17 September 2011


I don't have any word to say today. But I will give you some story that I had in my past memories. I have some friend and she is my special best friend. She name I can't tell you because this is my past secret. I know her for the first day I register in secondary school which have a hostel. We had a same dorm for three years in that school. We had many memories together. So many. I cannot forget her. She became prefect at form four but we call it 'BADAR'. She became so busy until I think that she had forget about me as she my best friend. But at form two she was sick. The name of disease is lung cancer. At form three, she become healthy and until she form 5, she body become slim like the people have a cancer disease. I know she was sick again. A feel so sad. Many people who don't know about she disease tell that she have heart disease. But she not life long. After five day SPM, she had died at hospital. Before she go home, she give me hug. I don't think that is my last hug because I tell her that she will healthy. I hope I will see her again and become more healthy. I have many memories with her. I sleep, eat, and always make her happy. But Allah love her. So I can stop what He had plan. Today and in future I will still feel sorry for her because when I was in form 5 she had invite me to sleep at her house when holiday. But I refuse. Sorry my friend because I not a good best friend. May Allah always bless you at 'there'. THE END'

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


 Today is the beginning  I write this blog in English language. I know it will be help my English writing. Before I start my story today, I want tell you that I have another blog but it is secret and was write in Malay language.Sorry. I have class today 10 o'clock I has enter the class but after a few minutes I go out with my friend because we want drop that subject. After that 3P class which start at 11 o'clock. Then, I has 5 hours for break before another class start and I have a sleep. For the first time in this third semester I goes to Proton City and the campus. It look very nice. I take time from my house to Proton City around 45 minutes. That make me feel happy because I can sit in the bus and have a rest. I went to class and I study back what I have study in form 4, form 5 and matriculation. The subject is Beginning Accounting. It hard to remember what we have left behind. I think that the end of my story today. I hope you will comment and so that I can improve my english. Thank you for read my blog. :)