Monday, 19 December 2011


When the sun rise,
The smile will start,
Smile like to be a happy people around you,
While your heart is broken inside.

Nothing can stop you smile,
Until the sunset come,
You can stop and start to cry,
Only God know about it,
Don't shy to cry in front Him,
Because He is Mighty and know all,
About what He crate on this earth.

Tomorrow when the sun rise again,
The role play will start,
And it will not end,
Until you die.

Football Sickness

Today is a semi-final for SEA-Sports at Indonesia for football. All KHAR student have a football fever toninght. Ladies and men all go to watch yhe football. I don't interested in football but I like to watch when the football will finish. Malaysia won the semi-final with penalty because Indonesia team very strong. Untill the penalty, Malaysia gol five then four from Indonesia. I hope Malaysia team will always keep it up. When the match start they will shout with high volume. So, I just come see for a while. Malaysia won and I'm proud to football Malaysia team.

My Love

Dear my love, 
I want you to hear my heart,
Beat only for you,
Because you the one create me.

Dear my love,
Forgive me if I had do many sin to you,
Obey you and not do the right thing in my life.

Dear my love, 
I hope my love only for you,
Nothing can replace you,
In my beat heart.

Dear my love, 
Every person or I love,
Only you know my love,
My sadness, my happiness,
 Only you my God.

Sad Story

Today, I turn back into my college since the holiday is end. From my time table, I want back to my college in Saturday but my heart so heavy to go. Then, I told my mom that I want go back to the hostel in Sunday morning. I just don't want left my family because in a week I holiday, There are many activities I had done with my family. I go back to hostel with commuter. My father, mother and my younger brother sent me at Sg.Gadut station. When the time is coming, I just want run out from commuter and get my parents but slowly the commuter door close. I feel so sad and want to cry but I'm just get quite. The train had left with me. I look my father and my mother wave the hand to me.

Sunday, 27 November 2011


For week nine, we all had go to interview the person at Negeri Sembilan. It was quit busy because all of us have many activities from our course to do. After we discuss, we made a decision to sacrifice our Sunday for interview. We go to interview the person that my sister best friend which is a Physic teachers at her school, Miss Nadia. From our campus, we start our trip at 6.30 am which time many student still take they nap. We go to Negeri Sembilan by train from Tanjung Malim to Sg. Gadut which is the last station. Then we arrive at my home about 10.30 am and we take some rest. At 1pm we go to our interviewer house that near from my house and guide by my sister self. The interview was go smoothly and we feel very satisfied the information that we get from our interviewer. That evening we go back to our campus at 4 pm from Sg. Gadut and we arrive at Tg. Malim at 8.45 pm. Can you imagine it. We take 3 hours in the train to arrive at Sg. Gadut and when we go back, it takes 4 hours and 45 minutes. It's along journey and all of us tired and sleep in the train. So, tired day. Thanks to all my friend that work as a team in this assignment. Thank you very much.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Every Tuesday

When the Tuesday come, my heart will beat so fast because the time I want to rush and the day I had to face my English lecturer. I know she want a best success for her student but it hard for me to accept because my heart always angry, sad, and many feeling when her class is coming. I don't know what I have to prepared today. I just know that the book that we had buy must do it. Just do it for this class. I not hate English but when I thought English language is hard, my brain mind set that English class is tension class. I feel like to cry when I do something badly, I feel afraid to talk when my time is coming. Can you imagine it. I feel very scared when my English class coming. I just had a phobia sickness.

My Holiday Ending

 Today is Sunday. Wow, so fast the day go!!. That Sunday I must go back to hostel because my class is started after that day. My heart feel sad to left my family behind me. Sunday morning is the right time I go back because my father didn't sent me to hostel, I just go back by commuter. When the sun had come then the people will become more wildly when it is 1 pm. My family send me to Sg. Gadut Station that near from my home. When the commuter start moving, their wave their hand to me. Can you just imagine??It so hard for me to left my family. I just like to cry but I just ignore it. My spirit gone with my figure of family left behind. I just feel like, it so fast when I go back home. My mother always cooked my favourite food. I know I go for study and not for playing. There are many thing I must study to catch my future and my family future. Tomorrow have English Communication class. So, I must do my work before come to that class.