Monday, 14 November 2011

My Holiday Ending

 Today is Sunday. Wow, so fast the day go!!. That Sunday I must go back to hostel because my class is started after that day. My heart feel sad to left my family behind me. Sunday morning is the right time I go back because my father didn't sent me to hostel, I just go back by commuter. When the sun had come then the people will become more wildly when it is 1 pm. My family send me to Sg. Gadut Station that near from my home. When the commuter start moving, their wave their hand to me. Can you just imagine??It so hard for me to left my family. I just like to cry but I just ignore it. My spirit gone with my figure of family left behind. I just feel like, it so fast when I go back home. My mother always cooked my favourite food. I know I go for study and not for playing. There are many thing I must study to catch my future and my family future. Tomorrow have English Communication class. So, I must do my work before come to that class.

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