Tuesday, 1 November 2011


For the English Communication class today, I think it will go softly but sky is not always bright.  The weather change moody when the sky had touch by something that it think it not do somethings make the other weather angry. It when change to rain. All people start to open their umbrella because the sky had cry. Cry lonely in it heart. The sky is same with me. When the mid-term test is start, it going smoothly but the situation had change when the mark hardly say by me. I think I said that pronouns correctly. What she problem??? It make me angry inside because before this, when I speak in English language, there is no problem. Why she must make the small problem into big?? Is she doesn't had any feeling?? What she feeling when I talk with her like she talk at me??? What she said?? What the meaning, 'what the hell'? Is it good sentence to study from the lecturer that had many knowledge than their student?? I just make stupid smile in front her. I know my pronouns or vocabulary is not good as her. So, teach me but not shout to me.

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  1. sometime our life bright with sketch of the colour dark...
    bring smile beside sadness..
    u will know how the beautiful of rainbow life...