Friday, 28 October 2011

Rainy Day

I just had past my blog because internet in my room is low. So today I can update my status. I was remember that rainy day in 18 October 2011. It was my class English and today had a presentation in group for our journal. For three day, we had discuss for the journal and the presentation. Today is the day my group mark will given by the lecturer. Our group is the fourth for the presentation and in our group three just had arrived. We just present for our best. But me is so bad in that presentation. I just said for a few word and I just cannot continue because I was interrupt by somebody. So, I feel so sad and cannot do anything because the presentation just had past by. Good bye to my bad presentation and welcome for interview assignment. I must not give up for this but I must continue and find for upgrade my language use in English....Gambate!!!!Please leave your comment after read this. Thank you.

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